Crawford’s on all projects, provide setting out drawings for all products, using the correct sanitary ware templates at all times. These are currently issued in Auto Cad format during development and as PDF’s once approved for final construction.
On Supply & Fix (Panel & Plumb + Pipe work) Projects only, we now offer the following additional service TOTAL SETTING OUT.

This has followed extensive dialogue with architects and contractors and works in principle as follows:
Agreement in principal, from leading party that package shall remain as above (panel, plumb and pipe work) and will be tendered as a complete package.

  • All panel junction details 1.5 scale (No interface point left to chance / misunderstanding)
  • Dwang types and supports within stud partitions, to take any of the floor sanitary fittings/vanity units, if applicable. (All items will be rigidly fixed therefore, no retrospective call backs or remedial work to walls, to deal with issues due to the lack of supports/dwangs.)
  • Duct depths in conjunction with sanitary ware / pipe work requirements. (An easy error to make for the inexperienced, avoided with our knowledge, co-operation and expertise.)
  • Proposed pop up positions. (To all areas where we are installing ware.)
  • All pipe work within our scope of work, generally last half metre and final connection to be shown on drawings. ( Ensures visible dividing line between Crawfords and M & E Contractor.)
  • Ensure sanitary ware specified works with regards to overall room size and any changes are made at early stages and throughout the process. (When you understand sanitary ware it’s simple… if you don’t, it can be a cause for major concern and conflict which can be easily avoided.)
  • All meetings shall be attended by qualified plumbing contracts manager/director and setter out with an average of 30 years + within the construction industry. (Our wealth of practical knowledge and experience is at your disposal and only a local phone call away)

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New Southern General Hospital , Glasgow 
CIS Ltd, supply and install of duct panelling and toilet cubicles to Lab Building.


The standard of their workmanship and general cooperation throughout this project has been excellent, and the installation has been executed to the highest quality standard. Crawfords safety awareness and participation during the project has been exemplary."
Brendan Coffey 
Mechanical Project Manager 
Mercury Engineering 
(New Southern General Hospital)


Example of Total Setting Out Detailing