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Health Care & Pre–Plumbed

Our Healthcare Panelling and Pre-Plumbed Units, provide the most comprehensive service and product offer in the Scottish healthcare manufacturing sector. We have utilised our previous experience in this market to refine our current product ranges, to those which lend themselves to a working solution.

Our pre-plumbed units are pre-assembled in order to expedite installation on site and minimise any disruption, particularly in existing working hospitals, where down time is a major consideration.

healthcare-blueSanitary ware and brass ware can be factory fitted or site installed, depending upon general access and site storage, which may exist or not be readily available. Last half metre of pipe work installation is another option, which keeps the product within the control and responsibility of one package.

Panelling is designed in conjunction with the sanitary ware, taps and other washroom accessories.

Our washroom duct panelling can be specified in a number of materials including High Pressure Laminate (HPL) and Solid Grade Laminate (SGL). Where budgets need to be reduced, we can provide a moisture resistant Melamine Faced Chipboard product (MR MFC).

Our panelling allows for the concealment of all services and ensures infection control issues are addressed and reduced as far as practicable. Some of our products can also be retro fitted in existing clinical basin situations, to conceal all of the existing and exposed pipe supplies.


  • High Pressure Laminate panels excluding sanitary ware
  • High Pressure Laminate panels including sanitary ware
  • Solid Grade Laminate panels excluding sanitary ware
  • Solid Grade Laminate panels including sanitary ware
  • Melamine Faced Chipboard panels including sanitary ware
  • Melamine Faced Chipboard panels excluding sanitary ware

All of our duct panels are made to measure, with optional horizontal cleansing shadow gaps between panels. Options also include for 2mm PVC edges or postformed vertical or horizontal edges. Close butted vertical and horizontal joints are also a setting out variable. The main carcass/frame has completely postformed vertical edges, to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. This avoids metal extrusions or butt joints at the external corners, which can attract dirt and grime.
For wet areas we recommend Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) which is impervious to water.

We can provide full height, floor to ceiling and low level ducts with lids, or sloping tops and a variety of options with regards to fixings.

Where architects and/or contractors require we can also offer our Consultancy Service/Total Setting Out.


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