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Wall Panelling (Wall Align)

Our Wall Panelling is manufactured to compliment our duct panelling, cubicles and vanity units.

This product type until now has been generally for use where no access is required, but a revolutionary new fixing/setting out system (Wall Align) allows for all panels to be independently removable. This means in the event of immediate access being required, you can select individual panels for removal and then replace after maintenance.

Postformed internal and external corners are an optional extra.

Wall Align is available as standard in the following options:

  • High Pressure Laminate - Various core materials including standard grade and moisture resistant grade chipboard / MDF are our recommended core materials. Where areas are liable to have additional or extreme moisture content, exterior grade MDF or WBP plywood is ideal.
  • Solid Grade Laminate - The ideal choice for pro-longed contact and exposure with water.
  • Additional timber support framework, can allow for levelling of walls and inclusion/concealment of any services, which may be required.

Where architects and/or contractors require we can also offer our Consultancy Service/Total Setting Out.



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