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Symline Washrooms

Featuring rebated pilasters and doors this product incorprates a flush finish. High quality at an afforable price for an inline system.

Symline Washroom Features

  • 40mm overall thickness, rebated pilaster and doors
  • Pedestal legs are set back to create the illusion the cubicle is floating 
  • Flexibility in material types for doors and divisions
  • With the option of a full height cubicle for complete privacy
  • Available in HPL / Veneer / SGL (MR MFC where budget is an issue)
  • External emergency release
  • We also offer a premium Bespoke Digital Printing available at an additional cost

Contact us today to discuss the range of materials and configurations available for this product.

Where architects and/or contractors require we can also offer our Consultancy Service/Total Setting Out.

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